March madness. That means, eating a lot of pizza….or maybe I’m just too lazy to cook!
IMG_5070FullSizeRender (55)Back in high school, I went to a lot of basketball games, and this fabulous lady (who is getting married in a couple months) and I used to work the score board together! Fun times!!!
IMG_4663I actually have slowly started running again, keeping it to about 3-4 times a week for now! Some days my foot feels great, some days it doesn’t, so I just go by how my foot feels for that day.  I have been incorporating more speed work though! I came across this a couple days ago, and all I can say is….#goals!

On a completely different note, I completed my 9 months of clinical fellowship! In just a few short weeks, I will officially be a licensed speech-language pathologist! Donut celebration! FullSizeRender (56)I’m not normally a chips person, but I tried these for the first time, and they were actually pretty good!
FullSizeRender (51)And in case you were wondering, yes, I do try to eat healthy during the week!
FullSizeRender (54)But, let’s face it, I have a HUGE sweet tooth! These are about to go in the oven soon! Reese’s chewy chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips!
FullSizeRender (52)Also, I am one happy girl right now! I never get my hair done, nails done, or make up done, but I LOVE massages! I used to get them weekly back in high school when I used to run 110-118 miles per week! Now, I get them 3-4 times a year.  I have poor blood circulation, and my legs get pretty swollen easily, so I’m looking forward to this!
FullSizeRender (50)Here’s a funny picture I came across to end the randomness!
FullSizeRender (53)Hope your week is filled with lots of pizza!

daylight savings.

Woke up to this over the weekend (it’s been a weird winter):
FullSizeRender (49)Happy daylight savings! Even though we have to spring forward an hour, I am REALLY looking forward to longer days.  It’s almost seven pm, and it is still bright outside.  It takes me an hour to drive back from work, so this means that I’ll get to run outside after work! When I was training for the Phoenix marathon, a lot of my runs were completed at 3 am on the treadmill towards the last couple weeks of training.  I’m a morning person though, so it worked out.  I have been running a little bit here and there, but still not too much.  I’m taking this recovery seriously so that I can avoid any injuries! This is random, but dry shampoo saved me lots of time getting ready in the morning! I
used this:
I was surprised that it didn’t leave any white marks or anything on my hair (this is after I used the product)!
IMG_4720So, I know a couple posts back I mentioned about setting monthly goals for myself vs. a new years resolution.  I had two goals for February:
1) Complete the Phoenix Marathon
2) Do my daily devotions
To be honest, I think I missed one or two days of my daily devotions during the month of February. Setting this goal has helped me to continue doing my devotions though.  Habits are hard to create and break.  I’m hoping that focusing on one or two a month will help me in the long run! On another note, these are amazing!
FullSizeRender (48)I ate the whole bag in one weekend.  I love dark chocolate, but I wasn’t a fan of the dark chocolate Cadbury eggs.  The chocolate crunch & creme are golden though! M&M’s and Cadbury eggs are my favorite! Go grab them before they are off the shelves! I hope everyone’s body adjusts to the time change quickly!
There’s only a preview right now for this Calvin Harris song on YouTube, but you can purchase it on iTune! It’s good!