Early Bird.

I am a morning person.  In fact, I LOVE mornings! Sleeping in is nice, but a nice quiet morning is my favorite.  I woke up at 2 a.m this morning, and got a lot of things done (including getting some miles in)!
BostonPassportI can’t believe in one week, I will be running this.  In January 2014, I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon (just to get back into running again after my surgery), and couple months after completing that, I decided to sign up for a fall marathon. I literally went from a 4:24:52 to 3:31:09 in less than four months of training.  Getting a running coach made a huge difference!  I never really enjoyed running for time, but NYCRUNNINGMAMA helped me A LOT. She set what pace I should target for each workout, kept me accountable, and was VERY encouraging! She really is amazing! My goal was to actually run a sub 4, and during my training, she told me that I could potentially BQ. I am by no means a fast runner, so that was a huge shocker to me!  I stuck to the training plan like glue, except for the last month when school began to get really busy, but she was right! I BQ’d, and I definitely cried crossing that finish line!  All glory goes to God! It was a lot of hard work and dedication- I never thought I would actually ever BQ! I’m sure qualifying for Boston is on pretty much every runner’s bucket list! My goal for this race is to just enjoy it.  It’s my first Boston, and I want to take in all the excitement!

Random highlights of my meal this week: salmon with Brussels sprouts and chili! salmon
Oh Wonder has been on repeat for me this past week! These songs will definitely be on my playlist next week for my warm-up!

Oh Wonder- Without You
Oh Wonder- Lose It
Pharrell Williams- Happy (Neus Remix)

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