I am officially a graduate! It’s been a long and arduous journey, but I’m so glad to be closing this chapter of my life to start a new one.  To be honest, I went through things that I would never, ever wish upon anyone.  At one point last year, I remember talking to my professor, and almost gave up my degree.  It was a difficult decision.  Life is hard, and while there are blissful moments, there are also grieving moments.  I find great pleasure knowing that I will be contributing to society, but my ultimate goal is to further God’s kingdom.  I have learned to move on, and look forward to the future.  AND the best part of it all is knowing and believing that God is good- all the time.  This is a super short post, but I wanted to thank everyone (even those who are reading this post) who has been supportive of me! You guys are the bee’s knees.  Yes, I am TERRIBLE at keeping in touch, but I promise, I think of everyone who has reached out quite often! I pray for each of you during my runs!

For now……Feel Good Inc! Congrats to everyone graduating this year!!!

Gorillaz- Feel Good Inc. feat. De La Soul (Jomerix Remix)

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