I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I just found out what is going on with my foot.  I injured my foot during the last couples miles of the Boston Marathon, and I didn’t think too much of it.  The pain never went away,  so I finally decided to see a doctor. Three weeks ago I went to get an X-Ray for my foot, and my x-ray results came out perfect (just in case you wanted to know what my foot looks like ^_^).
IMG_3940My orthopedist wanted me to get an MRI next.  Two weeks ago I went to get an MRI, and my orthopedist wanted me to see a foot specialist.  Today, I finally went to my appointment, and found out that I have a torn tendon near my peroneal tendon (just in case if you wanted to see what a foot looks like through an MRI ^_^;).
footHe then proceeded to tell me that I needed to go cold turkey and eliminate all exercises (if I want to heal quickly).  The earliest would be a month, but it could also be 2-3 months.  I was completely devastated.  The first marathon I ran was when I was 16 years old- I have never been injured like this before from running!    I probably only cried about 1000+ times about it! Maybe not that much, but I feel like I did, because it took an emotional toll on me.  So, to make this short and sweet, I will be writing about some alternate exercise that I will be doing (I know the doctor said go cold turkey, but as we all know, I AM STUBBORN).  I will solely be focusing on arms, abs, and maybe some swimming.  This is actually how I feel just about everyday!!
57300648In the meantime, my food game will remain strong! Tonight’s dinner was a salmon/veggie burger with homemade fried onion rings.  I am not lying, these onion rings were probably the best onion rings I have had!  Come visit me, and I will feed you!
On another note, can we just admire this music video, because Adele’s dress is ON POINT! I wear a lot of boring colors (my mom calls it old people clothes), but I am in love with floral prints! I ABSOLUTELY refuse to wear animal print, but there is just something about floral print that I admire!

So glad Monday is over!

Vampire Weekend- Ottoman
20syl- Ongoing Thing ft. Oddisee

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