The Fourth.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Fourth of July weekend so far! For me, I’ve just been sitting around on the couch all weekend and keeping my foot up.  To be honest, this past week was not a great week for me. There were some things going on, and between hearing the news about my foot and my mom moving over 4000+ miles away, I had quite the gloomy week.  I have been trying to make the most out of my weekend though.  I ordered sushi, had ice cream, spent some time reading, and I’ve been watching movies all weekend!  Some people may not be comfortable being alone, but I actually don’t mind it at all.  Of course I love socializing and being with people, but I’m a type of person who can eat alone, go to the theaters alone, shop alone, etc.  My close friends are pretty much the same way! When we get together though, we have a blast!  Anyways, on Saturday I had a surprise package from my mom that cheered me up A LOT!  It’s true when they say mama’s know best!  New shoes makes me a happy person! Don’t mind that brace- it was between that or a boot!
shoesThis is one of new favorite chick flicks! I watched it three times!  Anything will Rebel Wilson is bound to be funny, and Leslie Mann is just drop dead gorgeous!
howtobesingle.jpg Tonight I’ll be watching ROOM and The Age of Adaline (Blake Lively is one of my favorite actress)!  I read the book ROOM years back, so I am excited to finally watch the movie!!!

Also, this is the ice cream I got (in case you were wondering ^_- ), and it was SO SO GOOD! You have to grab a pint the next time you are grocery shopping! I LOVE ice cream, and this had to be one of the best cookies and cream I have had (of course the ice cream didn’t last long, so I had to find a picture online)!
cookiescream_3-3I hope you enjoy that extra day off tomorrow with these tunes!  Sorry this post was quite the bore, but I’ll be posting some alternative exercises later this week!  Good luck to anyone running a race for the Fourth!

Charli XCX- SuperLove (Yeasayer Remix)
DJ Snake- Middle (Sean Turk Remix)
Avicii- For a Better Day

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