I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! Today was of course my favorite, because it was the women’s marathon! THEY ARE AMAZING.
IMG_4183Also, if you didn’t get to watch the men’s 10,000 m, you should definitely go watch it! Mo Farah is an amazing athlete.  He fell, got right back up, and continued to run…finishing in first place!  I’m almost certain I had the goosebumps the whole 27 minutes!  Next Sunday is the men’s marathon! I’m excited to see how Meb does!

As for my foot, this is my fourth week of physical therapy (and hopefully the last)!  The physical therapist said, he was going to see how I do running on a treadmill for a couple minutes, so I am more than excited! I haven’t ran in THREE months, so I am definitely nervous.  Praying hard that I will be pain free!

In my last post, I mentioned about Kirkland’s sale, and this is one of the wall decor that I purchased!  It was a great deal, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to get it!  It has all the best records pictured!
I’ve been listening to Chet Faker and Flume a lot this past week!  These songs have been on repeat! Love it.

Chet Faker- Gold (Flume Re-Work)
Flume- Never Be Like You ft. Kai (A.T. Remix)
Chet Faker- No Diggity

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