20 minutes.

Since I’ve said goodbye to my boot, I’ve been running 20 minutes a day! It’s hard, I want to give up in 5 minutes, and I have a lot of doubts.  BUT, I just think of the days when I couldn’t run at all, when I wished I was running instead of sitting around.  I keep repeating to myself, “20 minutes is nothing.”  Running (especially right now) is 99.7% mental for me.  How on earth was I ever able to hit an average pace of ~8:00 minute mile…..for 26.2 miles!?  Patience is definitely a virtue at this point! Anyways, I know I’m a little late, but I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend! Here are some pictures from my weekend- lots of food was involved!
I am a sucker for coffee shops, and North Lime definitely satisfied my donut cravings!
fullsizerender-9fullsizerender-10I got the Lavender Nutella Mocha Donut!
fullsizerender-8Ate a Portobello Burger with sweet potato fries at Saul Good Restaurant & Pub and it hit the spot!
fullsizerender-12Okinawans LOVE KFC! Even though I don’t eat KFC, I was excited to see this!
fullsizerender-17fullsizerender-16This did not disappoint!
fullsizerender-15fullsizerender-14My first banana pudding….banana pudding has never sounded appetizing to me, but this one was actually pretty good!
fullsizerender-13Ladies and gentleman…..my new FAVORITE ice cream place!  I had no clue that Graeter’s ice cream parlor existed!  It was SO GOOD.
Here’s to a new week!

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