Long Run.

First long run is complete!  It’s been two weeks post injury, and I have been running nothing more than 20 minutes a day.  My original plan for my long run was 30 minutes….well that quickly turned into an hour.  Is it safe to go from absolutely NO running over the past 3+ months….to 20 minutes over the past two weeks…to an hour!? Probably not the smartest idea (still just a wee bit stubborn)!  But I’ll take it easy this next week!  Pretty soon I will start training again, so I just wanted to see what my body is capable of.  Considering I haven’t ran in so long, I’ll take the ~8:49 minute mile for now!

Summer’s almost ending, and I am not looking forward to the colder months….I do REALLY like sweater weather though! This summer, I was all about rompers, jumpsuits, and overalls.  Now that fall is rolling around, I’m looking forward to sweaters, jackets, and boots!

This week’s Running:
Monday: 20 minutes
Tuesday: 20 minutes
Wednesday: 20 minutes
Thursday: 20 minutes
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: 1 hour (6.8 miles)
Sunday: Rest Day

Here are three songs that helped me get though my long run!  Have a good week!

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