January Goals.

Well, it has definitely been a while since I’ve posted, but I am still alive! I hope 2017 has been starting off well for everyone! I’m just currently kicking back and relaxing. Since it’s January, let’s talk resolutions.  To be honest, I have never been the one to come up with any resolutions for the new year.  This year, however, I decided to come up with monthly goals! I feel like monthly goals are much more attainable for me than yearly goals.  So, here were my January goals:
1) 21 days of no junk food
2) Not buying any clothes, shoes, or accessories
Believe it or not, I actually made 27 days without any junk food and I have NOT purchased any clothes, shoes, or accessories! I am actually amazed.  Earlier today, I decided to have Faturday and have some junk food.  I FINALLY found these while I was grocery shopping and OH my goodness.  They are delicious! Entire bar- gone.
fullsizerender-38I am also a huge ice cream lover, and since I recently decided that Graeter’s are my new favorite brand, I gave these a try.  Let me just say, I had less than half a serving (VERY unlike me because I usually eat a gallon in two days).  In short, I was not a fan.
fullsizerender-33I did go back to the store though and grabbed these, which are AMAZING.  Fixed my ice cream craving…..but let’s face it, I crave ice cream all the time!
fullsizerender-34I saw these two hanging out right outside the house today! They come up super close to the house frequently, and I always get excited.
fullsizerender-32I don’t particularly enjoy talking about politics, but I saw this on instagram the other day and…..I think the picture speaks for itself!
fullsizerender-35I haven’t been feeling well, but here’s something that made me laugh! I hope you guys go conquer your day!
fullsizerender-37Anddd of course, some tunes I’ve been listening to! Excited to share a lot of the music I’ve been listening to, but for now, here are three!

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