Two weeks from today, I will be in Arizona! Since running Boston, I did a total of 0 races.  My foot is actually finally starting to feel better (it mainly feels tight after running) and now that I don’t have any pain on my face, I feel like I am getting back to normal.  I am definitely by no means even close to my best fitness level.  I signed up for this marathon, hoping to get back into running again.  Choosing a February race was a poor decision on my part, because that meant I would have to be training during the winter months.  BUT, I already have a fall marathon picked out, and I am READY and REALLY looking forward to putting in some hard work during the summer months!  On a more exciting note, these shirts are available for purchase!!! I have been working on these for a little while, and I finally decided to put one up! For all you running queens, they will be up for 10 days, and they come in two different colors! The tank comes in coral and dark grey heather.  The shirt comes in heathered charcoal and new navy!
Here’s the direct link: runderful life

I was hoping to run a 15 km race today, but there was still ice, and I did not want to risk slipping on ice! It’s actually REALLY nice out today for February, but I didn’t want to chance anything.  Being injured is NOT fun.  SO instead of running the race, I had pancakes! Banana lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes with honey! That’s a mouthful.  I have pancakes every Saturday, and I will not be steering away from that tradition anytime soon! I’ll be running my last long run tomorrow morning! pancakesLooking forward to saying goodbye to winter!!!! Good luck to anyone racing this weekend!!!
Love this music video! It reminds me that ALL women are beautiful!


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