March madness. That means, eating a lot of pizza….or maybe I’m just too lazy to cook!
IMG_5070FullSizeRender (55)Back in high school, I went to a lot of basketball games, and this fabulous lady (who is getting married in a couple months) and I used to work the score board together! Fun times!!!
IMG_4663I actually have slowly started running again, keeping it to about 3-4 times a week for now! Some days my foot feels great, some days it doesn’t, so I just go by how my foot feels for that day.  I have been incorporating more speed work though! I came across this a couple days ago, and all I can say is….#goals!

On a completely different note, I completed my 9 months of clinical fellowship! In just a few short weeks, I will officially be a licensed speech-language pathologist! Donut celebration! FullSizeRender (56)I’m not normally a chips person, but I tried these for the first time, and they were actually pretty good!
FullSizeRender (51)And in case you were wondering, yes, I do try to eat healthy during the week!
FullSizeRender (54)But, let’s face it, I have a HUGE sweet tooth! These are about to go in the oven soon! Reese’s chewy chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips!
FullSizeRender (52)Also, I am one happy girl right now! I never get my hair done, nails done, or make up done, but I LOVE massages! I used to get them weekly back in high school when I used to run 110-118 miles per week! Now, I get them 3-4 times a year.  I have poor blood circulation, and my legs get pretty swollen easily, so I’m looking forward to this!
FullSizeRender (50)Here’s a funny picture I came across to end the randomness!
FullSizeRender (53)Hope your week is filled with lots of pizza!

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