Hi there!  My name is Ryo, pronounced exactly like Rio de Janeiro, but feel free to pronounce it however your heart desires!

I was born and raised on a small island in Japan called Okinawa, and I love to run (hence the name of this blog)! What makes running great is running with music!  I love a good remix, and I am quite guilty of listening to a song I like on repeat.  What makes running to remix even better, is running to remix while having chocolate for fuel!  You get to exercise while indulging in sweets; it’s clearly a win-win situation!

With that being said, I am by no means a professional runner (I’m actually not even a fast runner), a certified nutritionist (uh, I eat m&m’s during my long runs), or an expert of a writer (have you noticed my grammatical errors yet), but I do enjoy living a healthy lifestyle for the most part!

Aside from running, I enjoy admiring clothes/shoes while drinking copious amounts of tea or hot chocolate!

I hope you enjoy my random blurbs, and have a cup of tea for me!

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