For the past three weeks, I was experiencing excruciating pain on the right side of my face. The first two weeks, my dentist kept saying that I was grinding my teeth.  I knew that I wasn’t, because the pain was unbearable.  Finally found out earlier this week that I needed a root canal.  For anyone who has experienced this or is experiencing this, my heart goes out to you, because IT IS PAINFUL.   Last weekend, I couldn’t sleep at all because I was in so much pain, and made my very first trip to the emergency room. fullsizerender-40Anyways, I didn’t get to run much this week because I recently had the root canal procedure, but I did attempt a long run today.  Um, IT WAS FREEZING! I was planning on running 20 miles, but had to cut it to 16, because I could not take the wind. I’m glad I did, because I am starting to have a runny nose.  When I got home, I took my gloves off and realized that my hair was frozen! You can’t see it very well in this picture, but frozen hair is definitely a first for me.
fullsizerender-39Alright, so since we’re on the topic of cold weather, here are some of my favorite winter gear! I know they are all over the place, but they are all really affordable!

-I always wear FILA  leggings.  Super comfortable and affordable! They have a lot of cool designs too.
Asics  has some great jackets.  I love this one.  If it’s in the high 30’s-40’s, I usually just wear a long shirt and a jacket.  This jacket is lightweight, but keeps me warm!
Old Navy vest.  These vests aren’t really for working out, but they were so cheap, I ended up getting them for running.  They are actually super warm.  I usually wear my vest from Victoria’s Secret, but they must not be selling them anymore.  In my opinion, the Old Navy vest works just fine!
180s gloves. I love that these gloves allow me to press the passcode to my phone easily when I want to skip a song that I’m listening to!
Nike beanie

Tonight’s dinner is risotto! The past week, I’ve been eating mostly peanut butter and scrambled eggs for dinner because I was in so much pain, so this is definitely a treat!
fullsizerender-41I hope everyone enjoys their Super Bowl Sunday!

LOVE her.

LOVE Chance the Rapper.

LOVE remixes.

January Goals.

Well, it has definitely been a while since I’ve posted, but I am still alive! I hope 2017 has been starting off well for everyone! I’m just currently kicking back and relaxing. Since it’s January, let’s talk resolutions.  To be honest, I have never been the one to come up with any resolutions for the new year.  This year, however, I decided to come up with monthly goals! I feel like monthly goals are much more attainable for me than yearly goals.  So, here were my January goals:
1) 21 days of no junk food
2) Not buying any clothes, shoes, or accessories
Believe it or not, I actually made 27 days without any junk food and I have NOT purchased any clothes, shoes, or accessories! I am actually amazed.  Earlier today, I decided to have Faturday and have some junk food.  I FINALLY found these while I was grocery shopping and OH my goodness.  They are delicious! Entire bar- gone.
fullsizerender-38I am also a huge ice cream lover, and since I recently decided that Graeter’s are my new favorite brand, I gave these a try.  Let me just say, I had less than half a serving (VERY unlike me because I usually eat a gallon in two days).  In short, I was not a fan.
fullsizerender-33I did go back to the store though and grabbed these, which are AMAZING.  Fixed my ice cream craving…..but let’s face it, I crave ice cream all the time!
fullsizerender-34I saw these two hanging out right outside the house today! They come up super close to the house frequently, and I always get excited.
fullsizerender-32I don’t particularly enjoy talking about politics, but I saw this on instagram the other day and…..I think the picture speaks for itself!
fullsizerender-35I haven’t been feeling well, but here’s something that made me laugh! I hope you guys go conquer your day!
fullsizerender-37Anddd of course, some tunes I’ve been listening to! Excited to share a lot of the music I’ve been listening to, but for now, here are three!